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Funeral Wreaths online

Funeral wreaths in various colors and at different rates - This collection was compiled with the utmost care. 

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  • Funeral wreaths at Euroflorist

    Find beautiful wreaths for funerals with which you can express your sadness, condolence and/or sympathy. With Euroflorist funeral wreaths the freshness of the flowers and the integration of your wishes are our top priority. Every order we receive we discuss with the local florist and make sure that the order is given the highest priority. Each funeral wreath is unique, freshly bound by master florists and delivered personally to your desired address.

  • Funeral wreath with ribbon

    Order a sumptuous bow to go with your wreath. You can easily have this funeral wreath ribbon printed with your own personal words. Simply add a ribbon in the desired colour to your funeral wreath. In the field "Text for card or ribbon" in the checkout area you can then add your desired text to be printed on the funeral ribbon (max. 70 characters). Since the funeral wreaths are custom-made and the bow text is freshly printed, orders should be received at least 2 days in advance.

  • Delivery funeral wreath

    We are happy to deliver the wreath for the funeral exactly where you want it. Have the wreath delivered directly to your private address, cemetery, crematorium or place of abdication. Our local florists will also be happy to discuss with you a desired time when the wreath should be delivered personally. A reliable and carefree delivery of the funeral wreath is very important to us.

  • Large selection of wreaths for funerals

    With all our wreaths for funerals we attach great importance to the fact that your wishes are fulfilled. Each bouquet is fresh and individually made. Choose from our beautiful models, from modern funeral wreaths to heart-shaped funeral wreaths, we make it our goal to fulfill your wishes. If you still can't find what you're looking for, please contact our customer service. We will be happy to look at what is possible in terms of size, flower varieties and shape.