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This Is How Our Flower Delivery By Courier Works

In Euroflorist’s flower boxes, they will find more colour in their life, for longer. A few steps makes it possible to deliver the Euroflorist flower boxes straight from the grower right to their doorstep. And to deliver an experience that lasts. 


✓ More buds for your bucks ✓ Unbeatable freshness ✓ Track & Trace

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Well packaged

Of course, we want your flowers to arrive at the recipient's location unharmed. That's why we have developed a special delivery box in which the flowers stand upright and are securely packed during their journey. Needless to say, we pay attention to sustainable packaging materials. The boxes are made of 100% cardboard, which is FSC certified.

sustainable flower growth

Your Flowers Stay Hydrated During Their Journey

To keep your flowers happy and hydrated on their journey, we give them a cozy hug with a hydration ouch right after arranging them. This little trick keeps them refreshed for up to 48 hours, ensuring they arrive at their new home looking fabulous. Once they reach their destination, the recipient just needs to unwrap their floral friends and pop them straight into a vase. Voilà! Fresh and vibrant flowers, ready to shine.

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What You See Is What You Get

Unwrapping our flower boxes creates a luxury feeling. When opening the box, the recipient will be greeted by a bunch of beautiful flowers, tied with a nice wrapping. To complete the gift, the flower box contains a lovely card with your personal message, creating a memorable moment. Good to know: The flowers will look just like on the picture on our website to avoid unwanted surprises. 

fllowers directly from the grower

From Bud To Bloom

Once they arrive at the recipient's location, the flowers should, of course, bring joy for as long as possible. That's why our flowers will arrive in the bud. That's because they are freshly cut and arranged directly into the bouquet. They will fully bloom within 24-48 hours upon arrival.

The Journey Of Your Flowers

Our flowers are sustainably grown at one of our parnter farms. They are freshly picked from the grower and are directly arranged into your bouquet. It doesn't get any fresher than this! As soon as the bouquet is tied, we pack it in our flower box and have it picked up by one of our delivery service partners. They then deliver the flowers directly to your desired address.

As the flowers come directly from the grower, we cut out the middle man which enables us to sell our flowers at a more affordable price. Good for you, because that way you get even better value for your money.