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Condolence flowers

See here our collection of classy funeral bouquets to express your deepest sympathy. Our florists tie fresh funeral bouquets and deliver them everywhere in Austria. If you have special requests for your order, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service to discuss all options.

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  • Flowers to express condolences

    Condolence flowers are especially suitable when you are at a loss for words. When a bereavement hits a family member, friend, colleague or acquaintance, it is sometimes very difficult to express support. Often you don't have the right words or the dictionary just doesn't have enough vocabulary to express your condolences properly. Sympathy flowers offer a beautiful, fresh alternative to a funeral card (although we have some more ideas for expressing condolences in writing later in the text).

  • What flowers for the funeral service without burial?

    Even if a funeral service is held without a burial or a funeral service, condolence flowers can express your sympathy through the flower. Choose white, bright or colourful flowers to lighten the dreary atmosphere. The same types of flowers are suitable as for a funeral service with burial.

  • Which flowers for condolences?

    It is important to express yourself properly and discreetly when you want to express your sympathy. Flowers can express what words leave unspoken. Especially if you lack the right words and phrases, a bouquet of flowers can express your condolences even without poetry. It is also good to note that although people dress in black for funerals, colourful sympathy bouquets are welcome. They provide a welcome brightener.

    Roses, tulips, carnations to express condolences

    Who knows the saying „Roses, tulips, carnations, all three wither“? This saying has its reason, because these three flowers are actually often and gladly used by florists for funeral flowers.

    • Roses – Roses are particularly popular for condolence flowers. They symbolise love, hope and express your sympathy.

    What colour rose at the funeral?

    When choosing roses for condolence, you should pay attention to the colour. Red roses, for example, should be avoided as they are more suitable for a romantic occasion. White roses represent peace, the afterlife and a possible future life.

    • Tulips – Tulips, the classic spring flowers, stand for the eternal resurgence of life.
    • Carnations – The carnation is the alternative to the rose if they were not too close to the deceased. It nevertheless symbolises deep friendship and affection.

    Lilies, callas, forget-me-nots to take sympathy

    • Lilies – The lily is particularly suitable for Christian funerals or when you wish to express your sympathy with flowers to someone who is religious. It is one of the most used condolence flowers and symbolises devotion to God
    • Calla – The calla is also suitable for expressing sympathy with condolence flowers. Like the lily, the symbolism of the calla is anchored in Christianity. The calla means light and hope.
    • Forget-me-not - „Roses, tulips, carnations, all three wither – except the one and it isn;t called forget-me-not“ – we wrote in the poetry album when we were little. As the name of this beautiful flower already says: the forget-me-not means that the deceased will not be forgotten and that she/he will be carried on in peaceful thoughts.
  • Send condolence flowers with Euroflorist

    Sympathy flowers for Austria are our profession! Euroflorist and especially our Austrian partner florists throughout Austria are absolute experts in mourning and condolence flowers. We have lovingly tied cream roses, white carnations, purple veronica and matching greenery into sympathy bouquets appropriate for mourning. All products in our funeral floristry and condolence collection are personally delivered to the mourners either by the florist himself or by a flower messenger throughout Austria. When grief is at its greatest and you are unable to offer consolation in person, tasteful condolence flowers presented by a flower delivery person are an appropriate and loving gesture.

  • How to write a condolence card?

    Would you like to include a funeral card with your flowers? Then you might find some inspiration for the funeral card to go with the flowers in our ideas. Regardless of whether the deceased was close to you or not, showing sympathy is one way to help the loved ones cope with the loss. If you know the deceased well, it will certainly be easier for you to write a condolence text that matches their personality and life. The most important thing is that you respect their choices. Sometimes flowers are not desired, in which case a simple condolence card will suffice.

    But if this is not the case, you can express your support, affection and condolences to the family with a flower delivery. You have the option of adding a ribbon to the condolence bouquet. This is often used by companies, associations or close friends. You can write short greetings on it. For example, "The mayor and his deputies" or "The gardeners' association" or "To our grandma".