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Bestselling Bouquets

We are happy to share our most popular flowers with you here in this collection. This selection of bouquets from our online flower shop is currently in high demand. Whether for a birthday, anniversary or just to make someone happy, these trending bouquets are popular gifts for many occasions.

  • The most popular flowers from Euroflorist


    Discover Euroflorist's bestsellers: an assorted collection of the most popular flowers, tied into beautiful floral creations by professional florists. On this page you will find all the bouquets that are particularly popular with our customers. There is a good reason for this: the bouquets convince with simple elegance, pure colourful joie de vivre or traditional classicism. You will not only find bouquets containing the most popular types of flowers colourfully mixed together, but also romantic rose bouquets and simple plain-coloured creations. The site always shows you the 8 most popular bouquets and the collection is updated regularly.

  • Some of the most popular flowers

    Roses and gerberas are some of the most popular flowers all year round. You will always come across these floral classics in our collections. Depending on current trends, they vary in colour and decoration. Tulips, peonies, daffodils, sunflowers and amaryllis are offered in our online flower shop depending on the season. Our florists always follow the current trends in the world of flowers - whether loving, modern, traditional or tied up as desired, there is a bouquet to suit every taste. It is only a few clicks away from you. Order easily and securely online and ensure guaranteed joy for the recipient. The flowers are hand-tied by our florists and delivered personally. That way, the surprise is sure to succeed.

  • The best flowers of the season


    As it naturally depends on the season and special flower days such as Mother's Day or Valentine's Day which flowers are currently in trend, this page is constantly updated. So you will always see the current seasonal bestsellers from Euroflorist. Of course, many roses are sold for Valentine's Day and peonies are particularly popular for Mother's Day. Get inspired by our best-selling bouquets and send the most popular flowers tied with love to our best-sellers.

  • Popular types of flowers tied together into bestseller bouquets

    Where it says bestseller, it also has the most popular types of flowers tied together into beautiful bouquets. The bouquets you see on this page are Euroflorist's best-selling creations. This means that our customers are convinced of these bouquets and use them to please their loved ones. Let our radiant flowers inspire you and send a gift that is guaranteed to please. The Euroflorist bestsellers leave nothing to be desired.