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Funeral Flowers & Their Meaning

Flowers are an integral part of most funerals and memorial services. They offer strength to the relatives, symbolise sympathy and commemorate the deceased in a respectful way. Below we listed the most popular funeral flowers for you and described their meaning. This way you can choose the appropriate flowers and colours, depending on what you wish to convey with your funeral flowers.


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Callas represent immortality and are therefore often chosen as flowers for funerals. Their elegant form makes them true beauties that honour the deceased in an appreciative way. White callas are particularly popular for funerals, urn interments and memorial services because of their simplicity.

Callas lily


The rose is a real floral classic and stands for love, evanescence and beauty. Each colour has its own meaning. While dark pink roses symbolise gratitude, yellow roses stand for friendship. Red roses symbolise love, passion and affection.



The lily is a delicate beauty that stands for light and hope. White lilies in particular are common funeral flowers as they symbolise appreciation and affection. Their pure simplicity makes them a popular flower for funerals.



The white carnation is perhaps the most popular flower at funerals. It symbolises hope. Red carnations, just like roses, stand for love and passion. The strong shade of pink carnations symbolises pride, courage and friendship. One should be careful with yellow carnations at a funeral, as they stand for resentment and antipathy.



Chrysanthemums are the flowers of loyalty. A beautiful thought when we want to remember a deceased person. White chrysanthemums stand for holiness and closeness to heaven and are therefore often chosen as flowers for funerals.



Because of their strong colour, orange gerberas are a sign of hope and give strength and courage to the relatives. Although gerberas are not really a flower of death in terms of their symbolism, they are a popular flower for funerals or urn interments precisely because of their positive meaning.


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