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Sustainable Flowers

Send someone special sustainable flowers with Euroflorist or order sustainable flowers to your home!

Choose from our sustainable collection of flowers that are grown, distributed, and delivered with precise care for the planet, environment, and people. While providing fair conditions to each member of the production chain, this collection guarantees sustainability all the way. But what does that mean exactly? Think about the sustainable production of the flowers themselves, gender equity in the workforce caring for the flowers and fair conditions for everyone in each part of the production chain. Decent but sustainable economic growth & climate action are, among others, the core sustainable development goals that we fulfill to deliver the highest quality of sustainable flowers to your home.

What do our sustainable flowers stand for?

  • For the people
  • For our planet
  • For our future

  • Fair Working Conditions And Sustainable Cultivation

    You don't just want to put a smile on the happy recipient's face, but also send flowers in a sustainable way? The bouquets in this collection are certified by our suppliers. As a wholesaler, the FM Group, for example, is our trusted partner and supplier of sustainable flowers for our customers.

    Your flowers will be personally bound and delivered with love by our local florist experts in Austria, Blumenpapa. Our Austrian florists receive the flowers for your personal bouquets from certified partners. So we assure you that you can send flowers sustainably with Euroflorist Austria.

  • Not Only Fair But Also Humanly Produced

    Euroflorist guarantees you flower quality along with a 7-day freshness guarantee. With the sustainability seal of our suppliers, we now also promise you sustainable cultivation of your flowers. What exactly does that mean? Our flowers come from environmentally friendly and humane production. And that includes not only the cultivation of the flowers, but also the country of origin, the suppliers and the support programmes that our flower partners support.

    Sustainable flower production is not only about the cultivation and transport of the flower itself, but also about how the local workers are treated.

  • A Sustainable Offer From Our Certified Growers

    Sustainable flowers are certainly not a given. But in today's world, sustainability is all the more important. Especially with flowers, it's not just about sustainable production, but also about the right working conditions. Euroflorist Austria takes a first right step into the future of a sustainable flower offer.

  • Fresh, Fair & For People

    With a modern sustainability policy, the employees' wages increase and with them the flower prices. Euroflorist feels this is necessary to ensure a sustainable flower offer. Our flowers stand for Fresh, Fair & For People by People.