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Euroflorist's Floral Guide For Mother's Day

First things first: when is Mother's Day? In Germany always on the second Sunday in May. This year we honour all our beautiful moms on 12 May 2024 (mark it in your calendar!).

What to give your mother for Mother's Day? Or even craft something yourself? What are the best flowers to give for Mother's Day? And what's the best way to spend Mother's Day? Get ready for Mother's Day with us at Euroflorist!


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Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

We believe that flowers are a must for Mother's Day! However, you'll definitely hit the mark with a personalized gift. We all know: we'll make Mom the happiest with something hand-crafted. With flowers for Mother's Day, you're definitely on the right track. But if you give the classic Mother's Day gift a personal touch, the wow-effect for Mom is in the bag. How? Make your own bouquet! In our how-to guide for tying flowers, we give you a step-by-step explanation of how to tie your own bouquet. Have fun!

Something other than flowers? Here are some alternatives:

Something hand-made: When you make something yourself, it means that you put love into it, which will make your mom very happy. Make her a greeting card, paint a white cup with porcelain markers, or dry flowers yourself and drape them in a picture frame. Are you looking for a special text for your handmade greeting card? Find inspiration for Mother's Day wishes and sayings here!

Massage voucher: Your mother deserves to fully relax. A massage is pure relaxation, which we unfortunately treat ourselves to far too rarely. Give your mmm her well-deserved me-time in the form of a massage voucher.

Parfum: Give your mom her favourite fragrance or surprise her with something new. Maybe the perfume you choose will become her new favourite?

Photos: Choose the best photo of the two of you and have it framed. Or maybe even print out a series of photos and put them into a self-made (digital) photo album?

Eat out: Take your mom out to dinner! A night out with delicious food and good wine will definitely make your mom happy. Treat her to a night out to show her how much she means to you.

Spend Some Quality Time On Mother's Day

4 activities to do on Mother's Day

Breakfast: The undeniable classic: prepare breakfast for Mom. Freshly squeezed orange juice, warm buns from the oven, and fresh coffee. An extravagant luxury breakfast for Mum is the perfect way to kick off the day!

Spa Day: A day of relaxation please! Take some time off in a sauna or spa. Book your mum a massage for the ultimate relaxation. Of course, you can also hold the spa day at home! A face mask, manicure, bubble bath, and exfoliation are just as relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

Stroll: With a little bit of luck, the weather on Mother's Day will be so nice that a walk through the city or in nature will be a real pleasure. Think of a place where your mum likes to be and take her out for a walk.

Digital Photo Album: Over the years, you are sure to have accumulated many photos and videos of holidays, birthdays, and visits. Unite all these shared moments in a digital photo album. A convenient side effect: looking at the digital photo album together is both a gift and an activity. Kill two birds with one stone!

Roses are the popular ones, lilies are the elegant ones.

Which flowers are the right ones for your mother? Different blooms have different meanings. Choose the flowers that fit your mom the most.

Roses: A real classic and hard to be thrown off the Mother's Day flower throne. Roses represent love and are a true classic. Choose your mother's favourite colour or one that matches her interior. Want to express your gratitude or admiration for your mother? Choose light pink roses, they stand for gratitude, happiness, admiration and joy.

Carnations: They stand for the extraordinary and fascinating, for love and devotion. Do you want to show your mum how special she is to you? Surprise her on Mother's Day with a bouquet of beautiful carnations.

Lilies: A lovely gift for Mom! They don't only look beautiful but also smell sweet. Lilies are delicate miracles of nature and stand for purity and innocence. With their elegance, they'll fill any room with a feeling of well-being within no time.

Gerberas: Who doesn't know them? You're guaranteed to score with this undeniably popular classic. Especially gerberas in bright colours like orange or pink are sure to impress your mum.

Mother's Day For Deceased Mothers

Mother's Day is not a day that everyone wants to celebrate. If you have lost your mother, Mother's Day can bring up particularly painful feelings. However, it can be comforting and beautiful to remember your late mum on Mother's Day. We have come up with 6 ways for you to honour your mother and spend the day in a beautiful way.

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