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Bouquets With Peonies

Send peonies now while the season lasts. Make someone special in your life happy with lovely peonies!

  • Order a peony bouquet with Euroflorist

    Sending peonies is worthwhile every year anew. The undisputed queen of the flower world enchants in every bouquet, because she plays the floral leading role - always. Botanically speaking, the most popular time of year is probably the peony season. Hardly any other flower enjoys so much popularity and has such a short flowering season (only May and June) as the queen herself - the peony, also known as the peony. So if you decide to buy someone a peony bouquet, you can look forward to a successful surprise. Sending peonies has never been easier than with the Euroflorist peony shipping service. Choose your peony bouquet, select the recipient's address and we'll take care of the rest!

  • Peonies: what colours are there?

    The petals of the peony usually shine in shades of pink to red. However, as there are 32 species of this genus, peonies can also be found in white or even yellow. In Europe, the common peony (lat. Paeonia officinalis) is the most common. Its sepals are red to pink with yellow inner stamens. But why do peonies sometimes change colour? In some peony species, for example the "Coral Sunset", a beautiful colour change from pink, to salmon, to cream can be observed. The name "Sunset" comes from the fact that it also applies to the demise of the colourful flower: the closer the peony gets to wilting, the more pigmentation it loses. Would you like to send peonies to a loved one and surprise them with beautiful wonders of colour? Then the Euroflorist peony shipping service is ideal for you.

  • What is a peony?

    The peony, also called peony, is the favourite flower of many. But why? On the one hand, the popularity of the peony can be explained by the fact that it only flowers for a fairly short time (May and June) and rarity leads to popularity! On the other hand, there is hardly any other flower that has such a large, opulent flower head. The peony has six bracts. These are very large and rose-like compared to other flowers. In addition, there are highly variable sepals (two to nine, depending on the species) and petals (four to thirteen). And when do peonies flower? The peony has one of the shortest flowering periods of the popular cut flowers, as it only delights us with its flowering splendour in May and June.

  • Peonies for Mother's Day

    Peonies are especially popular for Mother's Day. Peonies and Mother's Day belong together like Ying and Yang. Of course, the perfectly timed flowering time of the peony plays a major role. The peony blooms in May and June and Mother's Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May. But it's also the starring role that the peony plays in any bouquet of flowers that makes it so desirable as a Mother's Day gift, because after all, our mums play a big starring role in our lives too. So if you decide to give peonies as a Mother's Day gift, you are definitely on the right track. Euroflorist can help you send a bouquet of peonies for Mother's Day.