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Mother's Day Flowers

Send your mother a warm floral greeting on Mother's Day to her doorstep and say thank you with fresh flowers!


Please note: To ensure that your mother receives her bouquet in time for Mother's Day we may deliver your item one day early.

  • Flowers for Mother's Day: guaranteed delivery on Sunday!

    Mother's Day bouquet is the best surprise you can give your mother on her special day. At Euroflorist you can order Mother's Day flowers online today and we'll make sure your Mother's Day bouquet arrives in time for Mother's Day, Sunday 12 May 2024.

    This year, the beloved Mother's Day falls on a Sunday again, which presents our local florists with an annual challenge. But at Euroflorist, we ensure a flower delivery on Sunday so that your mum can wake up to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Euroflorist makes it possible for you to order your bouquet last minute for Mother's Day.

  • When is Mother's Day and will my flowers arrive in time for 12 May?

    Every year, Mother's Day falls on a different date, as it is celebrated annually on the second Sunday in May. This year, Mother's Day falls on Sunday 12 May 2024. The historical reason for this date is that wildflowers were growing at this time, so children could pick them for their mothers. Nowadays, flowers are ordered online - so technology has changed some traditions here.

    Although we don't normally guarantee delivery on Sundays, we will of course make an exception for Mother's Day. You can be sure that your flowers will be delivered on Sunday 14 May. All our florists are open, especially for this occasion, and guarantee delivery on Mother's Day itself.

  • Mother's Day is not a happy day for everyone

    The loss of a mother is one of the most difficult challenges we face in life. If you have lost your mother, Mother's Day can be especially painful. Even if Mother's Day is mostly associated with painful feelings for you, it can still be beautiful to honour your mother on this day.

    For you, we came up with 6 ways to spend the day and honour your mother.

  • Can I have my Mother's Day bouquet delivered abroad?

    Mother's Day is a great day for mothers worldwide. Cultural differences, different climates, landscapes, and eating habits vary greatly, but the feeling of being a mother is universal. With Euroflorist, it's easy to have your Mother's Day flowers delivered abroad! 

    We deliver worldwide! However, you should bear in mind that Mother's Day abroad does not always fall on the same day as in Austria. Therefore, the bouquet might arrive a little early or late.