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Women's Day Flowers

On the 8th of March, we celebrate International Women's Day! This day is dedicated to all the lovely, strong and wonderful women around the world. Let’s celebrate them all with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

  • Flower For International Women's Day

    International Women's Day arose of a socialist movement. To demand equal rights and the right to vote for women, as well as emancipation for women workers. This happened before the First World War and was initiated by women's rights activist Clara Zetkin in 1910. In fact, International Women's Day was banned during the Second World War.

    Instead of International Women's Day, Mother's Day was elevated to a bank holiday, as it corresponded more to the ideal image of women at that time. But women still celebrated International Women's Day: behind closed doors, but red linen was hung out of the window as a sign of celebration.

  • Why Do We Celebrate International Women's Day On 8th March?

    On 8 March 1917, women workers, peasants and Solfate women in what is now Saint Petersburg, Russia took to the streets to strike and protest, sparking the February Revolution. And so, during the Second International Conference of Communist Women in 1921 in Moscow, Russia, 8 March was established as International Women's Day, instigated by Clara Zetkin.

    Today, we still celebrate International Women's Day and are very proud to express appreciation, esteem, and respect towards women. Of course, this should actually happen every day and be the absolute norm in society.

  • Send Flowers For International Women's Day With Euroflorist

    Do you want to please a woman in your life for Women's Day? Express your appreciation to her? International Women's Day flowers are popular because a fresh bouquet of flowers expresses appreciation in all situations.

    If you too would like to give flowers on 8 March, Euroflorist's flower delivery service is perfect for you. Order your flowers online and surprise a special woman on this important day.

  • Flowers For International Women's Day: Order Today!

    If you too would like to give flowers on 8 March, Euroflorist's flower delivery service is perfect for you. Order your flowers online and surprise a special woman on this important day. For some bouquets, we can actually guarantee delivery today!

    Fun Fact: Especially in Italy, International Women's Day is very popular. There, Italian women get a big yellow bouquet!

  • What Flowers To Give On Women's Day?

    Flowers are perfect for expressing appreciation, esteem, respect, affection, friendship, and love. To show appreciation to a woman, we recommend sending flowers.

    • Carnations: Why are carnations the best gift for Women's Day? On the first International Women's Day, women took to the streets to campaign for women's suffrage. They were encouraged to wear a red carnation in the lapel of their jacket as a sign of equality. Red carnations or carnations in other colours are therefore particularly suitable for celebrating Women's Day.
    • Rote Blumen: At times when International Women's Day was banned (for example during the Second World War), women celebrated behind closed doors, but they let red linen hang out of the window as a sign of participation. That is why it is still common today to give red flowers, especially red roses, for Women's Day.

    Flowers for Women's Day express what they would also like to express on any other day and in any other situation: I think of you and appreciate you very much!