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Tulips Collection

Order tulips and make someone happy with the official spring flower!

  • Order Tulips Online With Euroflorist

    Send tulips online and give someone cheerful joy! Nothing heralds spring as colourfully as tulips. The first tulip bulbs are planted as early as the beginning of December. In some countries, people even celebrate Christmas with a beautiful bouquet of red or white tulips. In January, you can buy these sweet flowers in most florist shops. In our online shop, you can easily order the good mood enhancer online.

    Give someone who has been hit hard by the winter blues a treat or simply order tulips for yourself!

  • Bring Spring Into Your Home With Tulips

    What a mood setter - the tulip - known as a colourful cut flower, it is probably one of the most popular flowers to get in the mood for spring. Not only is the tulip the best-known spring flower in the Netherlands, but it is also the star of the season in Germany! And although we probably get our tulips from Dutch growers, tulip bulbs originally come from Central Asia. As a token of love, they were given as gifts there and then migrated to Turkey.

    Today, they are perfect for birthdays, get well wishes, Valentine's Day or just because!

  • The Importance Of Tulips And Their Colours

    Since the tulip was discovered, it has been cultivated by numerous botanists. That is why there are more than 50,000 varieties of the tulips today. Here we look at the meaning of the most common types of tulips and their colours:

    • White Tulips: faithfulness and innocence.
    • Red Tulips: love and affection.
    • Yellow Tulips: sunshine and joy of heart.
  • The Tulip Colours Speak In Feelings

    However, there is much more to tulips than white, red and yellow. These colours also speak true feelings and have a certain meaning:

    • Black Tulips: passion, secret love and hidden longings.
    • Purple Tulips: love at first sight.
    • Multi-coloured Tulips: "spring" and "joy of life" - multi-coloured tulips are therefore ideal as birthday flowers or as a sweet get-well wish.
    • Pink Tulips: fresh, awakening love and butterflies in the stomach.