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Bouquets with Daffodils

Fresh daffodils are always a safe choice as Easter or Spring flowers! Send one of our magnificent spring bouquets and have it personally delivered by our local professional florist. 

  • Send a daffodil bouquet with Euroflorist

    Do you look forward to Easter every year? To the egg pecking, the chocolate bunnies and the colourful decorations? Then a bouquet of daffodils can't be missing. Nothing highlights the freshness and optimism of this celebration in such a cheerful way as daffodils. Order daffodils online through Euroflorist or send a bouquet of daffodils to a loved one to sweeten their day or Easter. Choose between yellow daffodils and white daffodils and your daffodil bouquet will be delivered straight to your door.

  • What do daffodils mean?

    The symbolism of the narcissus or daffodil derives directly from its flowering season. Every year it reliably sticks its pretty flower head out of the ground and sometimes even defies frosty temperatures and snow. Accordingly, it stands for freshness, fertility and blossoming life itself. Christianity took a close look at this and named the daffodil the official Easter flower because of its significance. But also in a non-religious context it stands for optimism, freshness and positivity. It embodies, so to speak, exactly the beautiful feeling of spring.

  • When do daffodils bloom?

    Daffodils, or daffodils, are one of the flower types that are the first to raise their flowers to the sky after the frosty winter. Depending on how mild the winter was, the daffodil flowering season begins as early as February and lasts until the end of May. Wild daffodils flower earlier than those you plant at home.

  • Are daffodils poisonous?

    Yes. Every part of the daffodil plant is poisonous. If ingested, it causes nausea and vomiting in humans. In pets (cats and dogs) it can even cause convulsions and/or cardiac arrhythmia. The daffodil is even poisonous for other cut flowers: do not include it in a colourful bouquet with other flowers such as tulips. The daffodil contaminates the water in the vase and so the other cut flowers spoil much faster than a normal bouquet.