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Euroflorist - About us

How it all Started

Since the beginning, we at Euroflorist have been committed to helping people connect with each other through flowers from our professional retail florists. Whether it is across town, throughout the country, or around the world, we touch people with flowers.

The Euroflorist mission has been to provide consumers all over Europe, whether an individual or a company, with a cost-effective way to send flowers anywhere in the world. With their  member florists, Euroflorist works to be the most reliable and most innovative floral industry partner. As a result, Euroflorist makes it easier to send flowers.

The Euroflorist History

In 1982 Peter Jungbeck established the company to service Swedish florists with a better floral order relay system. From his background in the technology business, Mr. Jungbeck from the start provided florists with the best platform for trading floral orders between one another.

In 1990 the company's name was changed from Svensk Blomsterförmedling to Euroflorist and Mr. Jungbeck embarked on an expansion plan to become what is today the largest member florist relay network outside North America. Euroflorist offers complete country wide coverage in each market in which it operates to ensure all flower orders are designed and delivered by a professional retail florist. The Company is also the largest order contributing member of Teleflor International which includes over 54,000 member florists. As a result, Euroflorist can offer same day delivery of fresh flowers designed by a professional florist to almost any corner of the world.

Euroflorist has been an industry pioneer on many fronts. In 1988, the company conceived and developed the Euroflorist FlowerCard for use as payment in EuroFlorist member florist shops. Since then millions of FlowerCards have been sold across Europe. In August 1995, the Company established its consumer website and was the first in Europe to sell flowers over the internet.

As an established international company, Euroflorist has always maintained its head office in Malmö, Sweden. The company has operations across Europe, from establishing local florist relay networks from the ground up to acquisitions of existing florist relay network companies.

Euroflorist is a privately owned company and its main investor is Litorina Kapital based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Milestone Events

  • 1982 Company was founded in Malmo, Sweden as Svensk Blomsterförmedling
  • 1988 Developed and launched FlowerCards
  • 1988 Established operations in Norway
  • 1990 Changed name to Euroflorist
  • 1993 Established operations in Denmark by company acquisition
  • 1995 Pioneered online Internet flower ordering in Sweden
  • 1996 Established operations in Poland
  • 1998 Launched second generation of e-commerce website
  • 2001 Established operations in Germany
  • 2001 Launched third generation of e-commerce website
  • 2002 Established operations in Austria
  • 2003 Expanded into the Netherlands by company acquisition
  • 2004 Expanded into France by company acquisition
  • 2004 Launched fourth generation of e-commerce website
  • 2005 Winner of Microsoft .NET Award for Europe's most modern e-commerce platform.
  • 2005 Expanded operations in Germany by company acquisition
  • 2006 Expanded into Belgium and Luxembourg by company acquisitions
  • 2007 1.500 florists celebrated Euroflorist's 25 year anniversary in Barcelona
  • 2009 Euroflorist took over
  • 2010 Institution of two Flower-Centres Malmö and Aalsmeer
  • 2010 Euroflorist merged with eFlorist
  • 2010 Launched fifth generation of e-commerce website
  • 2021 New CEO Magnus Silfverberg

The investor consortium Euroflorist 2.0 AB jointly acquired 100% of Euroflorist. Magnus Silfverberg takes over the CEO position following the acquisition. CEO Per Lindsjö is leaving the company. Under Per Lindsjö's leadership, Euroflorist has successfully built a growing and profitable business. The investor consortium will invest in the business from a long-term perspective with the ambition of developing an even better company.


There’s always a reason for giving flowers.

When you want to convey passion, celebrate someone, express gratitude, send condolences or just treat yourself, we are there to deliver both feelings and flowers to the doorstep. At Euroflorist every emotion matter, and we embrace them all.
We are present in eleven European countries and delivers worldwide, partnering with local florists and suppliers around the world.

What is your reason for sending flowers?