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The Classic Among Flowers: Roses

Meaning of Colour and Quantity


When gifting roses, the message conveyed plays a major role. Given the wide range of different colours and numbers, it is not always easy to choose the right bouquet. A single red rose, a bouquet of pink roses or a mix of many colours? It all depends on what you want to express. Find the meanings of rose colour and quantity on this page.


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Pink Roses

Pink roses generally symbolise youth, lovingness and beauty - these three qualities make them the perfect gift at the beginning of a relationship. While red roses might seem overdone at the beginning, pink roses are uncomplicated and innocent, yet very emotional.

Red Roses

Red roses represent love and passion. Most of us traditionally give them as gifts for Valentine's Day or anniversaries. Are you sure of your love and do you believe in a future together? Choose red roses to express exactly that.

Yellow Roses

Caution is required when giving yellow roses as a gift. Yellow roses in a relationship mean that there are problems. If you give yellow roses to friends, they have a different meaning. Here they stand for fun, friendship and gratitude - a great gift for good friends.

Light Pink Roses

Light pink roses stand for desire, joie de vivre, youth, energy. Are you in a young relationship with lots of energy joy of life? Underline this wonderfully with light pink roses.

Lavender Roses

Was it love at first sight? Then lavender roses are exactly what you should give as Valentine's Day gift.

Dark Pink Roses

With dark pink roses we express gratitude. Are you grateful for your partner for something specific or just for having them in your life? Dark pink roses are the best way to express it.

White Roses

They represent shyness. Do you find it challenging to show your feelings or even put them into words? Let white roses speak for you.

Orange Roses

Is your relationship full of passion? Give your loved one a gift of orange roses. They stand for desire and passion.

Red & Yellow Roses

Roses in red and yellow stand for joy, happiness and excitement. Has something exciting recently happened in your relationship? Roses in red and yellow express your joy and happiness.

Which Message With Which Quantity Of Roses?

There are plenty of unique messages to convey with roses. As you can see, the number of roses is of particular relevance. For example, with 108 roses you propose to someone.

  • 1: Love at first sight.
  • 6: I want to be yours.
  • 10: You are perfect.
  • 11: You are my treasure, the one I love most in my life.
  • 12: Be my boy/girlfriend (a dozen red roses).
  • 18: You are my Valentine.
  • 20: I am serious about you.
  • 24: I can't stop thinking of you.
  • 50: Love with no regrets.
  • 99: I will love you as long as I live.
  • 100: Harmoniously together in a century.
  • 999: Immortal, eternal love.

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