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Christmas flowers

The most beautiful flowers at Christmas

Bring Christmas into your home with the most beautiful flowers and bouquets from Euroflorist. But what exactly are Christmas flowers? And why are red and white typical Christmas colours? In Austria, we like to decorate our house with Christmas decorations, and a bouquet of flowers in full splendour can be an extravagant eye-catcher. Don't you think? And because flowers are also good at conveying emotions and feelings, you can also perfectly send a bouquet of flowers for Christmas. What a great gift! On this special Christmas page, we have put together all the interesting information about the most beautiful flowers of for the Christmas season.

Christmas is just around the corner. Are you also looking forward to the cosiest time of the year as much as we are?

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Christmas Wreaths

It belongs to the pre-Christmas season like the Christmas tree to Christmas: The Advent Wreath. Which is your favourite wreath? To the Advent Wreath Collection 2021 >> 

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Christmas star, Adventstar, Christstar or Poinsettia, yes, this Christmas flower has many names. Will we find a Poinsettia in your home this year too? To The Poinsettia Collection 2021 >> 

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The queen of Christmas flowers makes for great eye-catching moments in Christmas decorations. The sight of an amaryllis is a real joy. Please view our Amaryllis delivery >>

The Top 5 Christmas Flowers

Let's get cosy! For inspiration for your Christmas decorations and to get you in the Christmas spirit, we have listed our Top 5 Christmas flowers. There are the Poinsettia, the Amaryllis, the Snow Lily, the Mistletoe and the Holly. Do you know these magnificient Christmas flowers? 

Amaryllis: The queen of the Christmas flowers. As a very well-known winter flower, the amaryllis has earned the #1 spot of your Christmas flowers. Did you know that the amaryllis grows wild in South America? It is a bulbous plant with flowers in red, white, pink and orange. 

Poinsettia/Christmasstar: A very popular Christmas plant. The poinsettia originally comes from Mexico. The poinsettia only flowers on days that are shorter than 12 hours. Would you like your poinsettia to flower again? Then leave your plant in complete darkness for 14 hours a day for at least 6 - 8 weeks. 

Snowrose: The Snow Rose impresses in winter with its elegant white flowers. Also known as the Christmas rose, it is a great eye-catcher during the Christmas season! The Christmas rose is found in the wild in wooded mountain areas at altitudes of up to 1900 metres in the eastern and southern Apls. The plant blooms in winter and produces beautiful white flowers. 

Mistletoe: Interestingly, this plant is an evergreen hemiparasite that grows on trees. And yes, we all know the popular tradition: if you stand under a mistletoe, you must kiss. Who likes this romantic tradition as much as we do?

Holy: Holly is often used as a Christmas decoration. But caution is still adviced: The red berries are poisonous to humans. We recognize the holly by its leaves, which are spiked. 

These Christmas flowers are absolute decorative wonders! Any home or office will have these flowers transformed with Christmas flair in no time. Gift tip: These Christmas flowers and plants make great Christmas gifts. And they are also sustainable! If you take good care of these plants, you can enjoy them for a very long time!

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Why are red, white and green the traditional Christmas colours?

Every country as its own Christmas traditions. What we notice, however, is that 3 colours in particular, appear again and again and everywhere. In December, whole Austria shines in shades of red, white and green and everyone knows that Christmas is just around the corner. But why are these colours so typical for Christmas? 

This colourful tradition began centuries ago. The symbolism plays a big role here. Red, white and green stand for love, faith and hope. Christmas, as we know, is a Christian festival and so it will not surprise you that the traditional Christmas colours originally had a religious meaning. In the colour wheel, red and green face each other and form a harmonious combination. White is also an excellent Christmas colour, reminding us of the white Christmas. Pure romance!


Christmas bouquets

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Euroflorist has an international network of local florists. You read that right: We work with over 50,000 local florists! All over the world, our florists are ready to deliver the most beautiful Christmas arrangements - and bouquets. Does your aunt live in France, your best friend in Sweden or your new colleague work in Stockholm? They all deserve a bouquet of flowers for Christmas! The good news is that you can surprise them all with a beautiful bouquet of flowers at Christmas. 

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Would you like to order Christmas flowers for your home, office or as a gift? Then you have come to the right place: we are the specialists! A Christmas bouquet delivered by local florists from all over the world can be put together here in just a few clicks.

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