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This Euroflorist website places cookies on your computer or mobile device. This is standard practice for all websites. Cookies are small data files, which allow us to collect information about your browsing and buying behaviour. The information they store is invaluable as it enables us to tailor our site and therefore ensure we deliver a high quality web experience. For more information about cookies, please see our Privacy Policy.

By using and browsing the Euroflorist website, you are giving your consent to cookies being used in accordance with our policy. If you do not consent, you must disable cookies or refrain from using the website.

With a number of functions on our websites, for example on the order form, we use a "session ID", or temporary cookies, to enable us to send the right web pages to the user. This means that our server sends a so-called "session cookie" with a unique ID number to your computer every time you visit our website. Without this, for example, you would be unable to go back to your order without filling out your details again.

A session cookie is not saved on your computer and it's only active until you switch off the computer. This type of cookie is only used to ensure that functions on Euroflorist websites operate properly. It does not provide us with any information about you as a user, neither does it pose any risk of infecting your computer with a software virus.